Jordan kids magician for birthday party entertainment children’s parties

Attention: Jordan parents planning their children’s birthday party.

Jordan magician for kids birthday parties

“Planning a birthday party in Jordan, Minnesota?
Make Your Child’s Birthday Party One of the Happiest & Most Memorable Days Of Their Life”

Dear Parent,

Imagine a magical birthday party so filled with laughter and joy that your child remembers it forever. Impossible? Twin Cities funniest kids magician, David Farr guarantees it! Your child is the star in an entertainment package that features comedy, magic, puppetry, storytelling, and free gifts for all the kids at the party. Check out the video below and you’ll hear all the laughter and fun of the children. We provide kids magician entertainment in the Jordan area and all throughout the Twin Cities.


[ez_box title=”Kids Magic Show packages include:” color=”red” style=”width: 50%”]
  • Funny and Clean Comedy

  • Amazing Magic

  • Engaging Puppetry

  • Engaging Storytelling

  • Free Souvenirs for all of the kids


Jordan parents love their kids and want to give them an exciting birthday party

smart parents from Jordan, MN and all around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul have had amazing parties for their children, friends and family and all began with one click of their mouse. If you’re planning a birthday party for your child either in your home or at a third-party location, you definitely need some high-quality entertainment that will keep the kids engaged and having fun so you can just relax and enjoy yourself.