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[su_animate][/su_animate] [ez_date] Hello friend, DSCF6017resizeThank you for your request regarding your child's b-day party. Planning your child's birthday is an important event. You want it to be special but also within a budget. You want an entertainer that takes control of the party so you can just relax, take it easy & enjoy yourself. My name is Dave Farr and I specialize in making children's birthday parties unforgettable, fun and entertaining. I offer two different entertainment packages to help you do just that. The Standard Birthday Party Package consists of a 45 minute comedy, audience participation magic show. [su_animate type="lightSpeedIn" duration="1.5" delay="2"]

Your Child is The Star of The Show!


Your child is featured in many of the magic tricks. This of course makes them feel very special being in front of all the other children helping the magician perform magic. Now sometimes the birthday child can be a little shy the day of their party. It's no problem. If that happens, we would simply have your child choose which friends they would like to have help in the show. This way they still feel in control. DSCF6011resized And since it is an audience participation show, all the kids get to help out in some way. This is important because, as you know, kids nowadays don't want to just sit and watch a show, they want to be involved and feel like they're participating in the magic. The kids really believe they are performing the magic! When I leave parties, I see kids often mimicking the magic they just experienced during the show! Now in addition to the amazing and fun magic, I perform some very funny puppetry. The kids really love my puppet. In fact, it's one of the highlights of my show that makes the kids laugh the hardest. View this short video of my puppet in action and you'll see and hear how much fun the kids have with my little pet raccoon!

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For the finale of the show, your child will come up, wave a magic wand, and make candy appear for all the kids. The looks on the their faces is priceless when they see them perform this! View a short video clip of this from an actual party.

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The total investment for the Standard Package is available by calling 763-566-8597.

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susan strobel

Sue Strobel

  "The party was great! The kids had so much fun! You kept the kids spellbound! I appreciate the low impact on my home! These kids really liked it!"
karen desbles

Karen Desbles

"I just wanted to thank you for the entertainment you provided at my son's 5th birthday party. All of the kids absolutely loved the show. They are still talking about it!"


[ez_box title="Upgrade To The Deluxe Package!" color="red"]

In my deluxe package, every child at the party goes home with their very own, easy-to-do, magic trick. I used to use balloons as giveaways but found that they just don't last. A lot of times they would pop even before the kids left the party. And it's special for the kids to get their own magic trick from the magician at their party so they can go home and perform magic for family and friends. And they tell people they learned it from the magician at your child's b-day party! The magic trick comes with it's own 'goody bag' which consists of candy and some other fun, magical stuff including: a Chinese Finger Trapper, miniature magic wand, fortune telling fish, a big jumbo dollar bill that teaches 5 tricks, plus more. And each bag has the child's name on it so to prevent any hassles with whose bag is whose. I then parade all the kids into the birthday party area and lead them in singing 'Happy B-Day' to your child, so you can take it easy and get the cake ready. Basically I take the control of the party so you can just relax and enjoy yourself.

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The total investment for the deluxe package is available by calling 763-566-8597 (for the first 10 kids, $2 for each additional child over 10 kids). [/ez_box]

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It'll be the easiest party you've ever thrown!

Press "play" to hear Tammy Murray describe how her child had the best party ever!

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Those are my two b-day party packages in a nutshell. How do they sound to you ? Do you have any questions? Call us now to discuss the party in detail! 763-566-8597

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Please keep in mind that I'm one of the busiest entertainers in the Twin Cities area. I can only accept a limited number of engagements and work on a first come, first serve basis. So to claim all of your discounts and avoid disappointments, don't delay and request your date now and myself or my assistant Christina will get in touch and let you know if your preferred time is available. Thanks ! David Farr The funniest kids' magician in the Twin Cities 763-566-8597 [email protected] P.S. All of my entertainment packages come with a full 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not totally delighted with the show at your child's b-day, you won't pay anything. P.P.S. For your convenience, you may pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal (in addition to checks and cash). P.P.P.S. Don't forget the fast action discount of $10 is good through tomorrow. After , the regular prices will apply again.

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